What is NFLITV?

  • We are a Web/Mobile based IPTV solution that offers live streaming all NFL games in the most popular Sports Channels around, along with every major pay-per-view event. Our streams are in full HD (1080p) and our servers are capable of handling excessively large amounts of traffic while ensuring your television viewing remains uninterrupted.

Which countries is your service available to?

  • Our service is available world wide. So regardless of you are in Uk or United states or China for that matter. It works anywhere. You just need to have good internet connection to stream our channels smoothly.

Can I watch Stream on my Smartphone/Tablet?

  • Yes, as well as desktop/laptop streaming you can watch the match on your smartphone. We provide a separate iOS stream which can be viewing through Safari Browser easily. No need to install an app! If you have an Android smartphone, our streams are compatible for that too.

Do you guys have an APP?

  • No, but the thing is, we don’t need an app. Because our streams use prime cast technology, which enables all the streams to be automatically compatible for IOS/ANDROID. This means you can seamlessly watch live streams on all your devices without the need for an app.

Does NFLITV cover all NFL Games?

  • We sure do! We have thousands of subscribers from all around the World that praise our service, just based on our ability to broadcast every NFL game without any interruptions! Our broadcasting partners for such games include; Sky Sports, NBC, FOX, CBC Sports more!

Can I connect my computer to the television set and watch your streams on my TV instead?

  • Yes, you can connect your computer to the TV screen, and watch the streaming services on your TV instead of your computer. Many computer graphic cards now have S-Video outputs, which will allow you to run an S-Video cable direct from your TV or video equipment.

What type of Pay-Per-View events does NFLITV cover?

  • We cover EVERY major North American event, including UFC, WWE, TNA Wrestling, Boxing, etc. and have minimum 4 feeds setup at any given time which can support 100,000 users on each. We guarantee you will not experience any freezing, lagging or buffering. Furthermore, We cover every Sky Sports Box Office HD event, Just in case you were wondering.

Do You Offer returns or refunds?

  • Refund: honestly, we don’t want your money if you’re not happy with our service. But due to high volume of fraud activities (they watch the live video for next few hours/days then asking a refund) the refund for only members who are unable to watch the live video from our URL before you asking a refund you need to contact us via support or email we will try few ways to solve your issue if we unable to provide then we will refund (If you Contact US with in 7 Days Only)

Is there any benefits for referring a friend?

  • Yes, You can get commision in reward, or free 1 month for every subscriber you refer.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to start the service?

  • No, access is instant. All that is required is that you download and install the software on your computer.

Do I need any additional equipment for my computer?

  • NO, You do not need a TV card, descrambler, antenna or any additional equipment.

Is this service available in my area?

  • Yes, as long as you have an Internet connection you will receive full service.

Can I install this on more then one computer?

  • Yes, you can install this on up to three computers or notebooks that you own. You are not authorized to redistribute this software to others outside your household.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

  • Yes we do! If you are experiencing technical difficulties and would require support, our support team guarantees to solve your issue on first contact or your money back! Simply contact us by email, by phone or through live web-chat function located in the member’s area.

What kind of support can I expect?

  • We have 3 teams offering support around the clock and 7 days a week. Once inside, you will find clear online forms where you can submit your questions, FAQ pages that answer all common issues, and, if you do not find your answers there, our support team guarantees to solve your issues on first contact or your money back! You will get clear concise answers back in record time! You can contact our technical support team by email, by phone and by using our Live Chat buttons available within the member’s area.